The tribal art collection


In cooperation with The Naomi Privatstiftung
The Naomi Privatstiftung was founded by the Austrian Lichtner-Hoyer family in the early 2000s to hold, cataloguize and exhibit African tribal art objects collected in the Mannagetta lineage over many decades.
Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer is a direct descendant of the old Mannagetta lineage, dating back to the 16th century, when the aristocrat, Reichsritter Johann Wilhelm von Mannagetta, born 1588 acted as hysterograph and personal physician of the Austrian Habsburger Kaiser. The last ones carrying the Mannagetta name were Lukas’ grandmother Ria von Mannagetta and her sister Elsa, both born in the late 19th century and the ones that put the spark to the flame of collecting tribal art within the family.
Today, the collection consists of more over 1.200 cataloguized objects. Never before, objects were shown to the public. For the first time an exhibition of selected objects is arranged in Belgium at Art Nocturne Knocke in August 2014.
A few objects have been selected and described for the exhibition by Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer.